“Beach Theft” and “A Dancer”

Hey fats raiders! I have uploaded two new songs to the EP, “Bouncer”. They a little weird so check them out for yourself: https://fatsraider.bandcamp.com/album/bouncer


Crossover Festival in Tampa

This past Saturday May 21, Fats Raider played Crossover Festival in Tampa, Fl. The live band included Devon Hall on drums. The set included a cover of “Elephant” by Tame Impala, and was an overall awesome show. Fats Raider will be playing with Devon on drums this upcoming Saturday at a private show in Palm Bay, Fl.


The new single “Bouncer” is out now on Fuzzball records. The b-side of this track “The River” is a R&B inspired downtempo song. The change in style is just some experimentation represented by the new music I’ve been listening to lately such as James Blake, King Krule, and Chance the Rapper. Let me know if you like the change in style or not.

Along the Way EP & Habit! Split

Hey beefcakes! :-0

My latest 4 song EP “Along the Way” was released on Christmas day. The opening self-titled track is an early 80’s jangle pop/ mid-2000’s post-hardcore inspired tune. The next song “Donald Trump” compares the story of a lost girl to Donald Trump’s president campaign.

Fats Raider & Habit! meet again, and this time they are harder than ever. The secretly released EP “Stranger in the Night” tells the 2 song story of Mr. Roger Stify. He was a lost soul, and a true stranger to danger. This split will defiantly get you half-chub, but if you wanna get full chub get ready for Fats Raider & Habit! Part II! This split will be out in the upcoming days so keep your eyes peeled, and your nads out!




Shirts coming soon!

Hello! I’m in the process of designing shirts for the band! If you guys would be interested in purchasing one please email me at fatsraider@gmail.com I will have images of the shirts available along with sizes. Thanks for all the support! -Conor


I’m proud to answer that Pitchfork recently reviewed my album, “Silent Creek” and gave it a 5.9, while labeling it “BEST NEW MUSIC”. The album set a record becoming the lowest rated album ever to be named ‘BEST NEW MUSIC” barely beating the score of the Beach Fossil classic “Clash the Truth”. Even though I wish this was true my album was recently reviewed by Nick Allison of Custom Made Music. You guys can check out the review here. http://pitchfork.com …. oh wait here: http://custommademusic.blogspot.com/2015/09/six-records-cmm-wants-you-to-know_11.html?m=1